Turkey to convene ‘reform action group’ amid accelerated EU talks

Turkey to convene ‘reform action group’ amid accelerated EU talks

Turkey to convene ‘reform action group’ amid accelerated EU talks

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A “reform action group” will be convened on Dec. 11 in a bid to coordinate future moves to harmonize Turkey’s legislation with EU standards, amid the recent energization of Ankara’s EU accession process. 

Turkish EU Minister Volkan Bozkır announced on Dec. 8 that the group will meet under the leadership of Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu and with the participation of the foreign, interior and justice ministers.

Stating that there was an “important paradigm change” in the relationship between Ankara and Brussels, Bozkır said the government is working to coordinate the steps to be taken in the upcoming period.  

“As the cards have been reshuffled, steps are being taken for a positive result. The picture that emerged following the recent EU-Turkey summit has opened up new platforms for economic, energy and political ties.

God willing, we will open accession chapter 17 next Monday [Dec. 14],” Bozkır said, speaking to reporters at a meeting with Kati Piri, the Turkey rapporteur of the European Parliament.

Regarding the letter recently sent by European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker to Prime Minister Davutoğlu, Bozkır said the letter was an “appendix” to the Turkey-EU joint statement made after the recent joint summit, and named the five chapters that the commission will work to open. 

For her part, Piri said she was happy to be in Turkey and looking forward to working with the new government and talking with the opposition. She also said she would be going to the restive southeastern province of Diyarbakır during her visit.