Turkey says it can’t take putschist Egypt’s statements seriously

Turkey says it can’t take putschist Egypt’s statements seriously

Turkey says it can’t take putschist Egypt’s statements seriously

Muslim Brotherhood supporters convicted of playing a role in the killings of 16 policemen in August 2013 are seen behind bars during their trial in Cairo, February 2, 2015. REUTERS Photo

A statement by Egypt, which condemned Turkey’s comments on the “Kerdasa Trial” verdict, describing them as having “caused disgust and condemnation,” received an extremely harsh response within hours, as Ankara voiced its conviction that “taking the statement by Egypt seriously is out of the question.”

In a written statement released on Feb. 3, the Turkish Foreign Ministry had said it “strongly condemned” the sentencing to death of 183 people as constituting “a new contingent of mass death sentences, reaching up to 1,000 persons, in the framework of the political decisions taken at the courts following the coup in Egypt in July 2013.”

On Feb. 4, the Egyptian Foreign Ministry said it “consistently ignored” the comments issued by the Turkish side, as the accusations come from a government accused internationally for its “flagrant and systematic violation of human rights.”

“The statement released by the Egyptian Foreign Ministry on Feb. 4 constitutes a new tragicomic effort by Egypt’s coup rulers, whose understanding of state governance is based on the triangle of weapons, oppression and cruelty,” the Turkish Foreign Ministry said in a statement released shortly after midnight in the early morning hours of Feb. 5.

Many countries and international organizations have been voicing their reactions, however, among them, the coup-administration in Egypt is taking aim at Turkey with “a style which befits itself,” Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Tanju Bilgiç said in the statement.

This situation shows the “deepness of the failure and inferiority complex that [the coup-administration in Egypt] has fallen into,” Bilgiç said.

The spokesperson’s statement came in the form of an official response to a journalist’s question.
“Therefore, taking the statement by Egypt seriously is out of question. Neither Turkey’s manners and customs, which get their power from the depths of history, nor the position and responsibilities it has undertaken in the region and in the international community allow it [Turkey] to address such a piteous attempt,” the statement, which remarkably diverted from customary diplomatic wording of similar statements, said.

“No matter which lies the putschist mentality in Cairo makes up, Turkey will resume its principled stance for peace and welfare of our Egyptian siblings,” Bilgiç said.