Turkey one of rare countries dodging COVID-19 with least damage: Erdoğan

Turkey one of rare countries dodging COVID-19 with least damage: Erdoğan

Turkey one of rare countries dodging COVID-19 with least damage: Erdoğan

Turkey has become one of the rare countries that have been able to dodge the pandemic with the least damage due to its effective health and economic policies, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has said, informing the government allocated 311 billion Turkish Lira to support Turkish people and economy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We have used around 311 billion Turkish Lira for the subsidies and the support to our people. We have also allocated around 54 billion liras as social protection that includes social support and short-time working allowance,” Erdoğan said in his video message he sent to the Bosporus Summit on March 8.

Noting that the world and Turkey will soon mark the first year of the pandemic, Erdoğan stressed that Turkey provided free-of-charge health services thanks to the country’s effecting healthcare system.

The pandemic has drastically affected every sphere of life -- from human ties to health, from tourism to politics, the president said.

“Figures about growth, employment, trade and others in 2020 display the severe destruction caused by the pandemic on the global economy. Economies shrunk, investments decreased, and unemployment figures increased in the past year. Turkey is one of the rare countries that dodged the first year of the pandemic with minimum damage thanks to the economy and social policies it implemented,” he stated.

Turkey also assisted 157 countries and 12 international organizations by supplying medical equipment even in the most difficult days, Erdoğan recalled.

Turkey ranked in second place after China with its 1.8 percent growth rate, according to the figures announced last week, the president said.

“We are observing a similar success in the industrial production and exports. We are also observing an increase in the amount of international capital inflow,” he added.

Stating that Turkey is determined to maintain this performance in the coming period as it is aware that investment inflows should be sustainable and inclusive, Erdoğan said: “Investments that address sustainability, social entrepreneurship and social responsibility offer important opportunities for humanity. We attach importance to support this innovative approach that connects today’s social and business life.”