Turkey may consider tougher lockdowns, says expert

Turkey may consider tougher lockdowns, says expert

Turkey may consider tougher lockdowns, says expert

If the current restrictions fail to reduce the number of COVID-19 patients and patients in critical condition, more comprehensive lockdowns may have to be imposed, associate professor Afşin Emre Kayıpmaz from the Health Ministry’s Science Board has said.

“The government has been introducing measures gradually. From the public health point of view, a full lockdown is preferable in order to lower the burden on the health system but we also should consider other effective lockdown measures,” Kayıpmaz told daily Hürriyet.

He also reiterated that a four-day curfew could be possible starting Dec. 31 to stem the spread of the disease.

“We still have a month ahead to assess such an option. We will make some recommendations depending on the number of cases until then,” Kayıpmaz added.

In the face of a spike in the number of virus cases, the government recently announced a raft of measures including nationwide weeknight curfews and lockdowns on weekends.

Restaurants are only allowed to provide deliver services while shopping malls are open from 10 a.m. for 8 p.m.

As part of the new curbs, a limited number of people are allowed to enter crowded streets, avenues and squares.