‘Turkey lacks work safety regulations’

‘Turkey lacks work safety regulations’

ANKARA - Anatolia News Agency
Republican People’s Party (CHP) vice President Gürsel Tekin has criticized lack of work safety regulations in Turkey and said it is the negligence of the state that has caused the high number of recent work accidents.

“The number of workers that have died during the last six months due to work-related accidents is 352, and more than a thousand have been injured,” Gürsel Tekin said.

Tekin added that Turkey ranks as the worst in Europe, and third worst in the world when it comes to work accidents.

“The Justice and Development Party hasn’t brought necessary regulations regarding work safety issues. When it is in their own interest they can pass a law in 24 hours, yet arguably they are unaware of work safety regulations,” he said.

Tekin spoke of a recent incident where five electric repair workers set off in a pedal boat over an icy reservoir lake to repair a power line, but died when the boat reportedly struck ice on the lake’s surface and capsized.

“I am asking officials, what kind of negligence is this?” he said.