Turkey holds nationwide inspection as virus cases drastically surge

Turkey holds nationwide inspection as virus cases drastically surge

Turkey holds nationwide inspection as virus cases drastically surge

Turkey held a massive nationwide inspection to check the implementation of COVID-19 measures as the number of new cases has recorded a drastic surge in the last weeks, with authorities urging the nation to act responsibly to avoid a new wave of the pandemic.

Thousands of security officers inspected 81 provinces to check whether people were wearing face masks outdoors and whether workplaces, restaurants, cafes, gyms, swimming pools, theater halls and parks were following hygiene and social distancing rules.

The measures to be taken for each business line and sphere of activity are determined separately and activities are carried out within the framework of these rules, stated a circular by the Interior Ministry sent on Aug. 18 to all of Turkey’s 81 provinces.

Police teams have been inspecting public transportation to check whether the drivers of buses, minibuses and taxis are following the restrictions for carrying more than the allowed passenger limit and whether the citizens were wearing protective face masks.


Meanwhile, the mayor of Çumra district of the Central Anatolian province of Konya, Halil Oflaz, died in a hospital where he was being treated for coronavirus.

On Aug. 3, Oflaz had said on social media that he applied to a hospital with the complaint of “sore throat” and that his coronavirus test was positive.

Irresponsible behavior alarming authorities

The Abant, Gölcük and Yedigöller regions, which are one of the most popular tourist destinations in the northwestern province of Bolu, can now be entered with a HES code, a secure travel password issued by the authorities within the scope of COVID-19 measures.

Some visitors at the touristic spots from outside of Bolu were positive for coronavirus and came to the province even though they should not leave their homes, said a statement made by the governorship.

Despite carrying the virus, some people are found violating self-quarantine measures not only in Bolu, but all over Turkey.

A raw meatball maker, who should be in quarantine because he was diagnosed with COVID-19, was caught selling raw meatballs at his kiosk in the northwestern province of Kırklareli.

Police teams determined that the man should be in isolation due to the virus diagnosis during the inspections.

A fine of 3,150 Turkish Liras ($427) was imposed on him for failing to comply with the virus measures.