Turkey gears up to ask for jet compensation

Turkey gears up to ask for jet compensation

Turkey gears up to ask for jet compensation

Hürriyet photo

Turkish authorities are working to finalize a detailed report regarding the Turkish jet downed earlier this year to demand compensation from Syria, daily Hürriyet has reported.

The report will outline Syria’s responsibility in the downing of the Turkish RF 4E jet in international airspace and demand Syrian authorities compensate Turkey for the jet, as well as the two pilots that were killed in the crash.

The report will be sent to various international law foundations and to the U.N. Security Council with proper applications.

A Turkish warplane was shot down by a Syrian air defense missile that did not directly hit the plane, but caused it to crash into the Mediterranean Sea on June 22, according to Turkish military officials.

According to an official report, radar data obtained from the plane’s computer indicated that the plane had received a signal from a missile, despite Syrian authorities’ insistence they shot down the plane within Syrian air space with anti-aircraft guns as the plane flew at an altitude of 100 meters.