Turkey Fest ends with Say concert

Turkey Fest ends with Say concert

BASEL - Doğan News Agency
Turkey Fest ends with Say concert

Fazıl Say performs the ‘Istanbul Symphony’ at Tonhalle Concert Hall.

The Turkey Festival, held in Zurich, ended on May 28 with the “Istanbul Symphony” by pianist and composer Fazıl Say.

Say took the stage with the Basel Symphonic Orchestra and played works from Tchaikovsky in the first part of the concert.

He then played the Istanbul Symphony, which he composed in 2009 and consists of seven parts. Turkish instruments, including a reed flute, double drum, frame drum, tabor and zither, were also played in the orchestra for this symphony only.

Say’s performance received great interest from hundreds of viewers at the Tonhalle, a famous concert hall in the city. He was called back to the stage four times.

Before the concert, the “Istanbul Symphony” was introduced by British orchestra conductor Howard Griffiths in the Turkish and German languages. Griffiths drew attention to the fact that the work included seven parts dedicated to the seven hills of the city.

The Turkish consul general in Zurich, Hakan Kıvanç, also attended the concert. Kıvanç said the festival was organized to promote Turkey, adding, “It was a very successful concert. Almost all the viewers are Swiss citizens. This is why it was very important for Turkey’s promotion.”