Turkey criticizes Greece for provocative language

Turkey criticizes Greece for provocative language

Turkey criticizes Greece for provocative language

Turkey has accused Greece of using provocative language and threatening with sanctions at a time the former is combatting devastating wildfires.

“We have a neighbor that continues a language of threats and sanctions while we are our combatting against the wildfire disaster. This does not comply with our bilateral neighborhood relations, our alliance and our togetherness at NATO,” Defense Minister Hulusi Akar told a videoconference on Aug. 3 with the participation of top military brass.

For the past week, Turkey has been struggling to put out wildfires that have been spreading and blazing the forest areas in the country’s most precious resort areas. The fact that Greece is attacking Turkey is good evidence revealing the psychological states of Greek politicians, Akar stated.

Turkey and Greece are in constant disagreement over the overlapping continental shelf claims in the eastern Mediterranean and in the Aegean Sea. The two countries have resumed the technical talks in early 2021 but no substantial result has been recorded by the two sides.

Our neighbor Greece has some intentions and attempts. We continue to work against them with the same seriousness and care as always, Akar stated without detailing them.

“We want to resolve the Turkish-Greek problems, issues in the eastern Mediterranean and Aegean through political and peaceful ways. We are very sincere in that. Unfortunately, Greece is still continuing its provocations, illegal and aggressive rhetoric,” he added.

Greece is ignoring the bilateral and international agreements it signed, and third parties should quit their strategic blindness and adopt an objective stance, the minister stated. “However, there is a problem in regards to this point. Greek moves that breach agreements and good neighborhood relations are ignored,” he added.

He repeated his calls to third parties to convince Greece to abandon its provocative moves against Turkey in the Mediterranean and Aegean.

Army active in combatting fire

Akar also informed about the Turkish Armed Forces’ engagement in the continued efforts to put out the forest fires. He stressed that drones, helicopters, landing ships, fire trucks, water tanks and other equipment as well as military personnel were deployed to the areas where the fires continue.

“All our possibilities and capabilities have been mobilized in line with the needs and all kinds of support are being provided. The Turkish Armed Forces are always at the disposal of its people, in the fight against terrorism, in the fight against fire,” he said.

About the fight against terrorism, Akar accused the PKK/YPG of launching a campaign of fake news and all sorts of lies through social media.

“Turkish-Kurdish unity and solidarity is a fraternity based on hundreds of years. The heroes lying together in our martyrdoms are the best example of this brotherhood,” he said.