Turkey condemns Israeli settlements

Turkey condemns Israeli settlements

Turkey condemns Israeli settlements Turkey has condemned Israel’s decision to establish new Jewish settlements on Palestinian territories. 

“We condemn permission given by Israel to build 463 additional housings in illegal settlements in Palestinian lands that it has been occupying,” the Turkish Foreign Ministry said in a written statement.

It was unacceptable to breach the Palestinian State’s and people’s fundamental rights derived from international law, the ministry said, adding that these kinds of unilateral acts were not valid.

Turkey’s condemnation came as the two countries have taken step to normalize relationship after six years of tension following the Mavi Marmara crisis of 2010, when Israeli commandos raided a Gaza-bound flotilla and killed 10 Turkish citizens. 

Most recently, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on Aug. 31 approved the deal between Israel and Turkey to normalize ties.

The president sent the deal to the Prime Ministry’s Office, 12 days after it was approved by the Turkish parliament.

Israeli cabinet ministers had already approved the deal in late June but Ankara only succeeded in submitting it to parliament on Aug. 17 due to delays resulting from the failed coup attempt of July 15. 

Turkish lawmakers ratified the deal late on Aug. 19.