Turkey condemns attack targeting Venezuelan President Maduro

Turkey condemns attack targeting Venezuelan President Maduro

Turkey condemns attack targeting Venezuelan President Maduro


Turkey on Aug. 5 condemned an attack carried out by explosive drones targeting  Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro during a speech.

A statement by the foreign ministry expressed sorrow on the attack and said the “biggest consolation” is Maduro and his relatives have survived uninjured. The ministry wished the injured seven soldiers a quick recover.

At least one explosion rocked a military event where Venezuelan President Maduro was giving a speech on Aug. 4 and the government said it was a failed assassination attempt involving drones carrying explosives.

Maduro said "everything points" to a right-wing plot that initial investigation suggested was linked to Colombia and the U.S. state of Florida, where many Venezuelan exiles live. Several perpetrators were caught, he said, without elaborating.

Information Minister Jorge Rodriguez said drones loaded with explosives detonated close to the military event in downtown Caracas.

“We are deeply saddened by the attack which was apparently aimed at President Maduro himself, that was perpetrated in a ceremony held on the occasion of the 81st anniversary of the foundation of Venezuelan National Guards in Caracas, to which President Nicolas Maduro Moros, his wife and son, government members and military officials attended. We strongly condemn this heinous attack,” read a statement by the ministry.

“It is the greatest consolation that President Maduro and his relatives survived the incident unharmed. We wish speed recovery to the 7 soldiers reported to have been wounded in the explosions.”

Turkey “stands with the brotherly and friendly Venezuelan people and President Maduro, his family and all government officials,” the statement said.

“The continuation of stability, prosperity, peace and security in Venezuela is our greatest wish. This is also important for regional stability and world peace.

“We offer our well wishes to President Maduro, his esteemed family, government members and all Venezuelan people.”