Turkey, Azerbaijan to establish media platform together

Turkey, Azerbaijan to establish media platform together

ANKARA  – Demirören News Agency
Turkey, Azerbaijan to establish media platform together

Turkey and Azerbaijan agreed to form a media platform, in which both countries’ media sources will move together in an integrated way and fight the black propagandas side by side, according to Fahrettun Altun, communications director of Turkey.

Altun, who hosted the meeting in Ankara with Azerbaijan’s Vice President Hikmet Hajiyev and his delegation, said, “The improvement of the cooperation in media, communications and the public diplomacy with Baku is a matter of life and death.”

According to the agreement, the two countries will together work on spreading the accurate news fastly to the national and international public, struggle against fabricated news and misinformation and form joint strategies against the hoax news on social media.

“Turkey and Azerbaijan face threats. There are planned operations and character assassinations against both countries. But both of them move as ‘one nation, two states’ like yesterday,” said Altun.

“In an era of chaos where the international order is about to collapse and the new world order has not been established, we can only win in the communication field if we act together,” added the directorate.

Hikmet Hajiyev, who is also the director of the Foreign Policy Department of the Azeri Presidency, praised the agreement, too.

“We aim to improve and make our brotherhood stronger. We are happy to strengthen our cooperation with Turkey,” said Hacıyev, adding that the agreement would also include making joint productions for TV and cinema sectors.