Turkey and Norway agree to step up efforts on energy ties

Turkey and Norway agree to step up efforts on energy ties

Turkey and Norway agree to step up efforts on energy ties

Turkish President Abdullah Gül (R) speaks to Norway’s King Harald V (2R) during the latter’s visit to Ankara. DAILY NEWS photo, Selahattin SÖNMEZ

Turkey and Norway have stepped up efforts to boost bilateral ties especially in energy and in cooperation on developments regarding the Middle East as King Harald V of Norway made the first ever head of state visit to Ankara.

“We strongly pay attention to our relations, particularly in the energy sector,” President Abdullah Gül said yesterday at a joint press conference with King Harald V.

President Gül stressed that there was potential to cooperate in energy with Norway, citing that the country obtained 95 percent of its electricity from hydroelectricity, and that it also possessed the richest gas reserves of the world.

The president said that they also discussed developments in the Middle East and Syria, and decided to increase cooperation.

“Norway has soft power. Despite having a small population, it makes a significant contribution to solving global problems. In this respect, it has a strong reputation among the international community,” Gül said.

“Turkey and Norway have the same values and ideals since both have been NATO members for years,” he added.

The energy ministers of both states signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation in energy.
The king, for his part, underlined that partnerships in economy with Turkey would make rapprochement easier between the two countries.

Norway aims to increase its cooperation and investments in Turkey on the area of marine and his country seeks opportunities in fishing, the king said. Investments of Norwegian companies in Turkey on hydro-energy worth to $1 to 2 million, he added.