Turkey allocates $18.5 bln for 2021 investments

Turkey allocates $18.5 bln for 2021 investments

ANKARA- Anadolu Agency
Turkey allocates $18.5 bln for 2021 investments

Turkey released an investment program to fund 3,091 projects in 2021, according to information issued in the Official Gazette late on Jan. 15. 

The program totals 138.3 billion Turkish liras ($18.5 billion), the gazette showed.

Among sectors, the largest number of projects (946) was in education, followed by 756 in other public (social and economic) projects, 469 in transportation and communication, 291 in agriculture, 211 in health, 125 in energy, 97 in manufacturing, 95 in residential, 55 in tourism, and 46 in mining.

By money allocated, the transportation and communications sector will take the lion’s share with 42.47 billion Turkish liras ($5.7 billion), following by education with 19.83 billion ($2.66 billion).

By institution, the country's Transport and Infrastructure Ministry will take the largest share of the investments with 15.1 billion Turkish liras ($2.02 billion), followed by the State Hydraulic Works with 13.5 billion Turkish liras ($1.8 billion), and the Highways Directorate with 13.1 billion Turkish liras ($1.75 billion).

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