‘Troy’ mix of stars on opera and ballet stage

‘Troy’ mix of stars on opera and ballet stage

‘Troy’ mix of stars on opera and ballet stage

Famous Turkish ballet dancer Tan Sağtürk has returned to the stage after 12 years with “Troy,” one of this year’s most important productions. 

“Troy is like a mix of stars. Top names in the performing arts are coming together on the same stage,” said Sağtürk. 

Works have been continuing at the Ankara State Opera and Ballet (ADOB) for the glorious premiere of “Troy,” which is set to meet the audience with a big stage show in which the opera and ballet intertwine. 

Sağtürk, who came to Ankara for the preparations of his role of Hector in “Troy” and Volkan Ersoy, the choreographer of the production, spoke to state-run Anadolu Agency during rehearsals. 

Ersoy said they had started working on “Troy” a month ago. 

“It is a giant project with 250 people on stage and 100-150 people behind the scenes as well as some 100 orchestral artists. I call ‘Troy’ a production, not a piece of opera because we are trying to reflect all the beauties of opera and ballet on the stage,” he said. 

The choreographer also said ballet and opera artists will create an interesting synthesis on the stage. 

“The State Opera and Ballet [DOB] has staged big operas such as ‘Aida’ and ‘Turandot’ but ‘Troy’ is very different. On the stage, you will see two branches of art weigh equally. The style of expression is very different. It is the first production in terms of number, meaning and concept,” he said. 

In “Troy,” Sağtürk will play the role of Hector and DOB General Director Murat Karahan will play the role of Paris, Ersoy said, adding that there would also be some other surprising names. 

“All of our ballet stars will be on stage. While all of the leading dancers of ADOB are on the stage, we will receive support from solo artists in İzmir. I have worked on many projects but a project like this is a first for me. Because it is a very delicate balance. Bujor Hoinic is the composer of the work. I have tried to transform the notes of Artun Hoinic, who wrote the libretto, into body notes,” he said. 

“Troy” is a Turkish opera, said Ersoy. 

“The audience will definitely find something to touch their inner world in ‘Troy.’ They will listen to the arias with beautiful tunes. I tried to bring some authentic, folkloric figures to the stage by stylizing them. I think it is the most important field of attraction for the audience,” the choreographer said. 

The production will also perform on international stages, he said. 

“’Troy’ will be the biggest indicator in performing arts abroad of the richness and high quality of the works we can produce,” said Ersoy. 

Due to his decision to establish a school to spread ballet in Turkey, Sağtürk said he left the DOB many years ago. 

“This is my home, my starting point,” he said, and added that he accepted the request from Karahan “with pleasure,” he said. 

“I found myself in ‘Troy’ in the role of Hector. Karahan plays Paris. There are other serious surprises. ‘Troy’ is really like a mix of stars. The top names in the performance arts have come together on the same stage. There may be problems sometimes in the meeting of stars or there may be conflicts, but I did not see it. On the contrary, everyone supports each other. The Ankara State Opera and Ballet is a great place,” said the ballerino. 

The dancer said they had been working hard for the role. 

“At the age of 50, without the role of a character, I chose to be a good example to my young friends by returning to the scenes as a dancer,” he said. 

Since he has not been on stage for a long time, Sağtürk said he had some concerns at first. 

“I am going back on stage after 12 years. Twelve years ago, I did not have a child and I was not married. My life was different. Now I am a dad, my kids are growing. The number of schools I have attended have increased too. After everything, I have come back again. I had to prove myself to the teachers and choreographers in the past. Now, for me, there is no ‘body of competition,’ it is a great pleasure to have. This is very enjoyable, I do not have to prove anything to anyone when I go on stage. I can really dance in awe, I can enter that soul,” he said. 

“Troy” is set to be on stage in the first week of November.