Tribute to Paco de Lucia at Zorlu PSM

Tribute to Paco de Lucia at Zorlu PSM

Tribute to Paco de Lucia at Zorlu PSM As part of the 24th Istanbul Jazz Festival, a special concert is set to be organized to pay tribute to the cult guitarist and composer of flamenco Paco de Lucia on July 8 at Zorlu PSM. 

Star musicians with whom the artist had collaborated at different stages of his career, including Jorge Pardo, Carles Benavent, Jose Maria Bandera, Jorge Pardo, Nino Josele, El Piranha and David de Jacoba as well as dancer Nino de los Reyes, will perform on the same stage during the concert entitled “Paco de Lucia: Beyond the Memory.”  

Contributors from Turkey will include Levent Yüksel, whose “Tuana,” a famous remake of Paco de Lucia’s “Palenque,” earned him his stardom in the heydays of Turkish pop, the 1990’s. Taksim Trio has been one of the most spectacular bands of world music in recent years, which will be on stage to demonstrate the unusual harmony of the clarinet, bağlama, kanun and flamenco. Cenk Erdoğan, a rare maestro of fretless guitar in Turkey and composer of award-winning film scores, is also among the guests of the night.

De Lucia’s collaborators answered some questions about the doyen. 

You have worked with De Lucia for many years. What would like to say about his music?

Benavent: Yes, I have been working with him for more than 21 years, his music has a degree of extreme emotion and this makes him unique and unforgettable.

Is it a big experience to work with De Lucia as a musician? 

Benavent: When I first met Paco, 37 years ago, for me, it was to see the way where my musical life was going and I think that the best thing he taught me is to transmit emotions with my bass. I will always remember Paco and the sextet as a family. 

What did you learn from De Lucia when you worked with him?

Pardo: I learned to believe in myself, to follow my heart and to be clear with everything I did. He was never unfair, he wanted to be treated the same way and respected me the same way I respected him.
How do you define his musical career?

Benavent: He was an ambassador for flamenco music. He brought flamenco, the traditional folk music from the Gypsies in Spain into the modern world. What we know today as flamenco is based on his work.

What does it mean to you to make music with his team?

Erdoğan: This concert is great for me; a way of respecting a master who guided me.

Is there any memory that you want to share about De Lucia that you can’t forget?

Michael Stein (artist’s manager for 30 years): He hated papers. For some occasions it was necessary for him to sign some of the contracts. He always found an excuse to not read and sign them. But I would always wait for Real Madrid to have a game on TV, and then I would lay the papers on the table for him to sign. And without taking his eyes off the match he would sign. 

De Lucia is one of the most important figures of flamenco. You will be performing with musicians of De Lucia on stage. You sang a song by him called Tuana in Turkish. What does this concert mean to you?

Yüksel: Paco De Lucia is one of the most emotional, fastest and best flamenco guitarists I’ve ever known in my life. He played so well that almost makes me cry every time. I am so proud to sing this song with wonderful musicians at the “Paco De Lucia Beyond the Memory Concert.” 

You will be performing with some Turkish musicians on stage. What kind of repertoire should we expect from you?

Pardo: We will, of course, play his greatest hits. This is why the project is called “Beyond the Memory.” You will also hear some different interpretations and new music from Spain.