Trade Ministry probes exorbitant price hikes

Trade Ministry probes exorbitant price hikes

Trade Ministry probes exorbitant price hikes

Turkish Trade Ministry announced on Feb. 7 that it started inspections across the country regarding the claims of exorbitant hikes in the prices of materials that earthquake victims will need.

The ministry stated in a written statement that e-commerce marketplaces have also been warned to take the necessary precautions.

“In this extraordinary period during which our state and our nation have come together by showing a great example of solidarity, all kinds of opportunistic activities aimed at abusing the victimization of our citizens affected by the earthquake are closely followed by our ministry,” it said.

Recent reports in Turkish media said some companies doubled, even tripled the prices of materials needed by the earthquake survivors, including blankets and tents.

“No citizen should have any doubt that our ministry will impose the heaviest administrative sanctions against those who engage in such opportunistic acts,” the Trade Ministry added.

In a separate statement, the Ankara Chief Prosecutor’s Office said that reports of price hikes in intercity bus tickets and some materials are being investigated.

“Our office has been notified that some bus companies, taking advantage of the earthquake, which occurred in our country on Feb. 6 and affected 10 provinces, increased their ticket prices two to three times and that the prices of many goods, especially blankets, which are of vital importance for the use of the citizens affected by the earthquake, were increased exorbitantly by the relevant sellers,” the prosecutor’s office said in a statement.

“An investigation has been initiated by our office for the crimes of ‘influencing prices’ and ‘avoiding the sale of goods or services,’ and necessary instructions have been given to the police,” it said.

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