Town quarantined over rabies concerns in Turkey’s south

Town quarantined over rabies concerns in Turkey’s south

Town quarantined over rabies concerns in Turkey’s south

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A town has been quarantined following the outbreak of a rabies concerns in the southern province of Osmaniye, with at least 104 people receiving treatment in hospital. 

“In order to prevent a negative outcome caused by rabies, the vaccination process of those coming from Ellek has been continuing at Düziçi State Hospital,” a statement released from the Osmaniye Governor’s Office read, noting that a sample taken from a person receiving treatment was sent to a research center in the neighboring province of Adana had come back positive for rabies.

According to the investigations, a rabid dog bit three people, M.C., R.O. and A.O., and scratched another, Ö.A.Y. The four subsequently interacted with a number of people who were then also taken to hospital, according to the statement.

The governor’s office also said cattle bitten by rabid dogs had been destroyed and buried in a hole three meters deep that was then covered with lime under the control of veterinaries. Moreover, the meat from a small cow that was slaughtered for Eid al-Adha was destroyed as the machines that were used to process the meat were confiscated. In addition, the people who used the machines were sent to hospitals.

“All of the areas that the rabid dog touched were determined and were disinfected,” the statement added.  

A sign reading “Rabies Risk Zone” was hung at the entrance of the town amid other necessary warnings.

All cattle in the village have been vaccinated against rabies, while the entrances into and exits from the town have been prohibited for all animals.