Top Turkish, US officials discuss bilateral ties

Top Turkish, US officials discuss bilateral ties

Top Turkish, US officials discuss bilateral ties

Turkey’s presidential spokesman and the U.S. national security adviser on Oct. 27 discussed by phone bilateral ties, the F-35/F-16 issue, global climate change and regional developments, an official statement said.

İbrahim Kalın and Jake Sullivan spoke about Turkish-U.S. relations along with regional issues, including Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Nagorno-Karabakh, Greece, and the eastern Mediterranean, said a Turkish presidential statement.

The duo agreed that close alliance relations between Turkey and the U.S. need to proceed on a basis of mutual respect, focusing on common interests and strategic priorities.

During the conversation, it was stated that Turkey will continue to help the people of Afghanistan and cooperate with the international community in order to prevent the humanitarian crisis that emerged in the country and to ensure a stable environment.

The two also discussed joint steps to be taken for peace, stability and development in the Caucasus after the liberation of Nagorno-Karabakh from Armenia’s occupation.

According to the statement, it was underlined that the determined struggle will continue against all terrorist organizations, including the PKK and ISIL, which threaten Turkey’s border security and Syria’s territorial integrity.

Kalın and Sullivan also agreed that Turkey and the U.S., as NATO allies, should act in cooperation and solidarity in the face of global and regional threats such as climate change, terrorism, migration and the pandemic.