Tokatlı Canyon to become a tourist hub

Tokatlı Canyon to become a tourist hub

KARABÜK - Anatolia News Agency
Tokatlı Canyon to become a tourist hub

Tokatlı in Safranbolu is expected to become a tourist hub. AA photo

A cave in the small district of Tokatlı in the UNESCO World Heritage site Safranbolu district will be made into a cafe to attract tourists. Karabük Mayor İzzettin Küçük said the cave was 11 meters long and 80 meters high. It will also have an open area and a touristic view.

There will be walking tours and walking areas for tourists and for those who would like to visit the area.
There will be a huge, seven-meter-high artificial waterfall. The finalization of the project will start within one month. Tokatlı Canyon will become the main tourist attraction, he added.

Unique houses

Safranbolu is also famous for its unique houses, but the northern Turkish town is seeking to offer new tourism alternatives. A five-star hotel currently under construction in the town will revive congress tourism in the area, according to the mayor. The hotel is set to be finished soon. Küçük said Safranbolu, which is a world heritage site, possessed a wealth of cultural riches and that they should develop congress tourism in the town to draw even more visitors. “This is why the number of alternative tourism opportunities should be increased.”

Many events planned for the town had been canceled because of space problems, he said, adding that the hotel would solve latent accommodation problems while opening the town up to congress tourism.