Tibetan mastiffs popular in Turkey

Tibetan mastiffs popular in Turkey

BURSA – Demirören News Agency
Tibetan mastiffs popular in Turkey

Evsin Şentürk, who is breeding Tibetan Mastiff, a huge and strong dog species, in the northwestern province of Bursa, began selling the dogs in the Association of Eurasia Tibetan Mastiff Species, which he has founded. 

Stating that the Tibetan Mastiff was one of the most expensive dog species in the world, Şentürk said: “Prices range between 10,000 Turkish Liras and 150,000. So we can exchange our dog with a car or apartment.”

Şentürk, 42, who has made attempts to breed purebred dogs, had bought a Tibetan Mastiff from China. He founded the association in Bursa’s Nilüfer district in 2017 and started training them. He also increased their number with new puppies.

He said that the popularity of this species increased in Turkey in recent years.

Şentürk stated that various countries used Tibetan mastiffs as war dogs. “These dogs have been used as family-friendly dogs to protect people throughout history. They are war dogs at the same time. Genghis Khan set up an army of 30,000 people and used the Tibetan mastiffs to lead the army. The male ones are between 80 and 100 kilograms. Their average weight is 90 kilos. Females weigh between 70 and 90 kilograms,” he said.


Şentürk stated that the dogs begin being trained at very early ages and become very good friends to families.

“These dogs never attack or hurt any living species that are weaker than themselves. They have a very high level of intelligence. When they meet people, they first read the body language, analyze them and want to see the people’s faces. If the subject is threatening or malevolent, they sense it and go into a mode to protect the owner. If there is no threat, they sit with their owner calmly and let people pet them. Their aggressiveness comes out only when they need to protect their family. They are family dogs. They get along well with the kids, too,” he said.

Şentürk said that the prices of these dogs were equal to a luxurious car or apartment.

“We have reasonable prices because we breed them in Turkey. The price of a puppy starts from 10,000 liras. The prices for adults start from 10,000 and reaches 150,000 liras. We can exchange the dogs with a car or an apartment.”

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