‘The Call to Poetry’ visits Ankara

‘The Call to Poetry’ visits Ankara

‘The Call to Poetry’ visits Ankara “The Call to Poetry,” a critically acclaimed international literary event, will stage a dramatic one-night celebration of the world’s oldest love poem on June 3 at Ankara’s Ruhi Bey Rock Bar with poetry read in Turkish and English.

The world’s oldest love poem currently has its home in Istanbul’s archaeological museum and is written on a 4,000-year-old clay tablet about the size of an iPhone. It was composed for a Sumerian king to be sung at during New Year’s banquets and accompanied by music and dance.

The Call to Poetry, which will feature talent from Ankara Sanat Tiyatrosu, will also celebrate Turkey’s best poetry from the 20th century, with a unique tribute to Nâzım Hikmet, who died in Moscow in 1963.

The evening will also honor the 100th anniversary of those who died at Gallipoli with special Australian, English and Turkish war poetry.

The Call to Poetry, which was sold out when it was organized in Istanbul three years ago and has also attracted a wide audience in Asia and North America, seeks to revitalize ancient poetry with readings in modern settings. The Ankara performance will also include Turkish music performed by a live folk band.