Tents in quake zone ‘unsuitable in summer’

Tents in quake zone ‘unsuitable in summer’

Tents in quake zone ‘unsuitable in summer’

Tents around the southern quake-hit provinces are not suitable for living in the summer months, says a non-governmental organization, stressing that the problem of insects, snakes and insufficient water resources continue to pose a grave threat to public health in the region.

As the summer days keep getting closer, the potential water problem in the quake zone worries volunteers as much as the authorities. The Support to Life Association (Hayata Destek Derneği) underlines that despite three months following the disaster, access to clean water and hygiene is still insufficient in the region.

According to the association, there are not enough areas reserved for women and girls, and their special needs are also not being met adequately. Tents in which large families reside also pose security risks for women, ranging from privacy violations to gender-based violence. On the other hand, it shows that the domestic burden remains on women and girls in tent cities, compounding the traumas experienced.

The association warned that conditions would become even more difficult in the summer, underling that tents are unsuitable for shelter in hot summer conditions. The reappearance of creatures such as insects, flies and snakes with the arrival of summer is also a significant threat to public health.

Volunteers say that requests by quake survivors for seasonal needs such as summer clothes and slippers are increasing.

The water problem in the disaster area may also become more serious with the arrival of summer and the threat of a potential drought throughout the country.

Gözde Kazaz, a communication specialist at Support to Life Association, stated that though NGOs continue to work in the area to provide shelter, hygiene needs, food and drinking water, household goods and mental health and psychosocial support, it seems that there is still a lot of time for life to return to “normal.”