Tarkan’s new song takes social media by storm

Tarkan’s new song takes social media by storm

Tarkan’s new song takes social media by storm

After a long hiatus since his last album in 2017, Turkish pop star Tarkan has recently released a new song.

Widely called “Megastar” in Turkey, Tarkan’s highly anticipated new song, “Geççek” (It’s gonna be ok), was released on the night of Feb. 17 on YouTube.

The song soon became a hot topic on social media. More than 240,000 tweets were posted about Tarkan, who entered Twitter’s top trending list.

Tarkan’s song received 3 million views on YouTube, 4.6 million views on Instagram and 7.6 million views on Twitter in 12 hours. Ozan Çolakoğlu was the arranger for “Geççek,” which was written by Tarkan. İrfan Yıldırım was the director of the video of the song.

“I went through a period not in a very good mood a year or so ago. A lot of things like the pandemic, sad incidents happening in the world, the worrying course of humanity, the destruction of nature had a very negative effect on me, and I was about to lose hope,” Tarkan said.

“During these moments, the melody and lyrics of this song resonated in my mind. ‘It is all gonna be all right, of course, your hope will give it life.’ I thought I should write a song that would be good for all of us. I thought maybe this song would give solace to us, give us morale and hope. I hope ‘Geççek’ will bring a smile to your face and will be good for all of us.”