Syrian man teaches karate to kids in Reyhanlı

Syrian man teaches karate to kids in Reyhanlı

Syrian man teaches karate to kids in Reyhanlı

Nazhan Hamad, who fled the Syrian war to take refuge in Turkey, is teaching karate to Syrian orphans and Turkish children in the Reyhanlı district of the southern province of Hatay.

When in Syria, Namad served in the national karate team, winning three gold, two silver and one bronze medals in local competitions.

Namad, who worked as an imam for two years in his country, moved to Hatay, which borders Syria, five years ago with his wife.

“The civil war shattered everything, including our dreams. The clashes and the attacks did not allow me to do my job and the sport I love. The university diploma hanging on the wall bears the scars of the war,” he said.

The Syrian man said the civil war also forced him to stop performing karate.

“But I did not give up when we moved to Turkey. I keep training a couple of days each week,” Namad noted.

Besides maintaining his own karate routine, Namad also voluntarily teaches this sport to Syrian orphans living in Reyhanlı as well as the Turkish children of the town.

He is currently teaching karate to 20 children.

Hasan al-Dahal, who arrived in Turkey seven years ago from Homs, is one the children who join Namad’s classes.

“I am very much fond of karate and I really want to make progress in this sport with the help of my teacher,” says al-Dahal, who is now 13 years old.

“I am working very hard and I want to win medals in karate under the guidance of my instructor,” says the eight-year-old Muhammed Saki Hazırlar.