Suspect denies claims he sent bomb-laden package to father

Suspect denies claims he sent bomb-laden package to father

Suspect denies claims he sent bomb-laden package to father A man suspected of sending a package bomb to his own father has denied the accusations following the explosion of the device in Istanbul on Nov. 14, resulting in three injuries.

“Does a son send a bomb to his father?” Ali Can K., 30, said during interrogation, according to Sabah newspaper.

Police said the suspect attached a ribbon and a note that read “Love from Motorcycle Lovers” to the package containing the bomb.

The man’s father, Osman K., who was reportedly a motorcycle enthusiast, sustained injuries to his arm in the explosion. 

“I arrived at the company but I went there after the explosion. I went there because I was worried about my father,” the suspect said.

Police said surveillance footage showed Ali Can K. coming to the company. The suspect said he would exercise his right to remain silent after viewing the footage.

Osman K.’s ex-wife said she did not believe her son attacked his father. “They have no problems. They had lunch together three days ago. He called me after the explosion and told me about his father’s situation. He was devastated. Police detained Ali Can while we were at hospital. The company employees know him. No one could recognize him with a helmet on,” she said. 

Ali Can K.’s girlfriend was subsequently detained as well.  

Police are continuing their investigation to reveal the details of the incident and were focusing on questions of inheritance.

The blast occurred in a four-story building at an electronics and engineering company owned by a businessman identified as Osman Özdemir K., in the Zümrütevler neighborhood of Maltepe on Nov. 14. 

The package was delivered to the company by a courier at 2 p.m. and exploded after Osman K. opened the package that was addressed to him. 

Osman K.’s arm was severely injured, while the company CEO and one other person were also taken to hospital after being wounded.

After watching surveillance camera footage, police alleged that the courier was Ali Can K.