Suicide gun attack survivor dies in Turkey’s west

Suicide gun attack survivor dies in Turkey’s west

BURSA – Doğan News Agency
Suicide gun attack survivor dies in Turkey’s west The wife of a Turkish intelligence officer, who was the lone survivor of her husband’s suicide attack that left her injured and her daughter dead, succumbed to her injuries at a hospital in the northwestern province of Bursa.

Seçil Şen, 37, the wife of Kenan Şen, an official from the Turkish National Intelligence (MİT) who killed himself after shooting his 10-year-old daughter and wife with a pistol in Bursa’s Gemlik district early this week, was declared dead on Nov. 11. 

Kenan Şen, 45, an allegedly depressed MİT official nearing retirement, committed suicide early Nov. 9 after shooting his daughter, Eda Şen, dead and injuring his wife by shooting her in the head.

Şen’s wife was taken to Bursa Public Hospital’s intensive care unit after the attack but was in serious condition.

“We woke up around 2 a.m. when we heard a noise. I saw blood on the ground. I checked if my daughter was home, but she was not. I saw my daughter when I pulled her from under my son-in-law. She was breathing. I wanted to save my granddaughter, but I figured she was dead,” said Osman Sever, the father of Seçil Şen, told reporters on the way to the police station to provide testimony on Nov. 9.

Şen came to Sever’s home around 15 days ago with his wife and daughter following his reassignment, Sever added. “They were going to move here.”

The police confiscated Şen’s pistol and psychiatric drugs he allegedly used regularly.

“This depression has devastated me,” a relative of Şen quoted him as saying before the shooting.