Students turn old fabrics into canvas bags

Students turn old fabrics into canvas bags

Students turn old fabrics into canvas bags

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High school students in the Black Sea province of Samsun turn old items into rag dolls and bags within the scope of the Zero Waste Project.

The students make their own belongings by turning old socks, clothes and fabrics into cloth bags with cloth dolls as an alternative to plastic toys and dolls in the visual arts lesson with the support of the school administration.

Nature artist Bahar Değirmenci also provides support to students about handicrafts.

School principal Mustafa Dilek said that they care about all kinds of education in the development and preparation of students for the future.

Stressing that students are able to get everything ready nowadays, Dilek stated that they carried out a project for production in this context.

Expressing that students are working to produce their own items, Dilek pointed out that they will be more successful academically and mentally.

Dilek said that this type of creative work contributes to the development of students’ self-confidence.

The students stated that they experienced the happiness of producing their own belongings and thus learned to share and protect the environment.

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