Strong winds hit Istanbul, disrupt daily life

Strong winds hit Istanbul, disrupt daily life

Strong winds hit Istanbul, disrupt daily life

Many ferry services in Turkey’s biggest metropolis were canceled on Fe. 27 due to strong winds, causing disruptions in daily life.

In a statement, Istanbul Sea Bus Company (IDO) said it had canceled some of its services, including intercity lines between Istanbul and Bursa in addition to some intracity ones.

Istanbul’s City Lines, run by the Istanbul Municipality, also canceled some services due to strong winds.

Strong winds are expected to reach up to 100 kilometers per hour in the Marmara region until late Feb. 29, according to Turkey’s General Directorate of Meteorology.

Due to the southern wind carrying the warm weather, temperatures are expected to be around 17 degrees Celsius in Istanbul during the day until the weekend.

Meanwhile, Istanbul’s Disaster Coordination Center (AKOM) advised to take precautions against possible negativities due to the storm, and warned the residents against tree and pole toppling and carbon monoxide poisoning in houses heated by stoves.