Stray dog in Antalya survives with 126 buck shots

Stray dog in Antalya survives with 126 buck shots

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Stray dog in Antalya survives with 126 buck shots

A stray dog, which was found in the corner of a street three months after being shot, is fighting for its life with 126 buck shots in her body. 

The couple Müjgan and Mehmet Orhan, who live in the southern province of Antalya’s Konyalatı district, found the dog when they were giving food to the stray cats in their neighborhood. As they saw the buck shot wounds on the dog’s body, the couple took the animal to the Konyaaltı Rehabilitation Center for treatment. It was discovered that the dog was shot by a rifle three months ago and had 126 buck shots in her body. 

The dog, named Nazlı, had lead poisoning, myolsis and spinal cord injuries caused by the buck shots in her body. 

Stray dog in Antalya survives with 126 buck shots

Being transferred to the Mehmet Akif Ersoy University Veterinary Faculty, Nazlı the dog has undergone a series of operations. 

The nearly eight-year-old dog also had a tumor caused by the delay in the treatment. 

Mehmet Orhan took the dog to Burdur 15 times for chemotherapy over a course of three weeks. While the tumor was being treated, cysts were found in her bladder and she also suffered from splenomegaly. Nazlı lost one of her eyes because of the buck shot. Her spleen and cysts were removed during an operation. 

Despite her test results, which showed she would never be able to walk again, Müjgan applied massages every day for hours and Nazlı’s legs have begun to show reaction. 

Mehmet Orhan said he and his wife have been taking care of the dog like their own child and would do their best for her to get better. 

“Nazlı was 22 kilograms when we found her six months ago but now she is 30. She has 50 buck shots in her head and the removal of the shots will cause more damage,” he said. 

“I take care of her like a baby. She is the princess of the house,” Müjgan Orhan said. 

Now, the story of Nazlı is being featured in a film titled “Sokağın Çocukları” (Children of the Street) directed by Fatih Ahmet Akıncı.