Strategic EU vision needed: Turkish FM

Strategic EU vision needed: Turkish FM

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Strategic EU vision needed: Turkish FM

EU Minister Egemen Bağış carves döner in Europe Day ceremony in Ankara. Ceremonies are co-organized by the Ankara Municipality and the EU Ministry. DAILY NEWS photo, Selahattin SÖNMEZ

Turkey has the right to expect the European Union to adopt a strategic approach to Turkey’s accession to full membership in the bloc, Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu has said.

“The will of the Turkish people and their government is clear and that’s full membership in the EU. Now there is a need for a clear strategic approach to this objective. And that’s our right,” Davutoğlu said, speaking at a Europe Day ceremony yesterday in Ankara. Recalling that Turkey and its people are an integrated part of the EU, Davutoğlu said: “Without vision it is not possible to reach peace today, especially amid this global financial crisis. The EU needs new vision and creative ideas. A new Europe has to use a new approach. Turkey’s going to be the engine of the EU.” EU Minister Egemen Bağış, for his part, urged EU leaders to stay away from discriminatory and racist rhetoric.

FM expresses hope

Jean-Maurice Ripert, the EU’s envoy to Turkey, said Turkey and the EU will open talks on the positive agenda next week in a move to speed up the negotiation process. EU’s enlargement commissioner Stefan Füle will be in Turkey for talks on May 17. Meanwhile, Davutoğlu has expressed his hope that newly-elected French President François Hollande and his team will reevaluate Turkish-French relations and carry ties to a “more brilliant future.” ”We believe Mr. Hollande will make positive contributions to a significant process of change … Turkey always acted in an open, broad-minded way,” Davutoğlu said.