Spy chief files complaint against Malatya prosecutors

Spy chief files complaint against Malatya prosecutors

Spy chief files complaint against Malatya prosecutors

Head of Turkish intelligence service Hakan Fidan, Hürriyet photo

Turkish Intelligence Chief Hakan Fidan recently lodged a criminal complaint against Malatya public prosecutors and Mehmet Katar, the lawyer working on behalf of the family of the pilot who died when a Syrian missile downed a Turkish jet in June 2012, daily Hürriyet has reported.

Relatives of the pilot and Malatya prosecutors had launched an investigation on charges of possible negligence and premeditation in the downing of the plane.
Fidan responded by filing a criminal complaint of his own, which accuses the dead pilot’s family of stimulating war against the state and of cooperation with foreign state authorities.
Fidan’s complaint included statements claiming the family had looked “to affect judicial powers at a time [when we are] on the eve of war with Syria by creating a public opinion against the Intelligence Organization (MİT) undersecretariat.”

However, both the Justice Ministry and the Supreme Board of Judges and Prosecutors (HSYK) have stated that they have not yet received documents for the complaint. The Justice Ministry is to decide on Katar and HSYK regarding the complaint lodged against the Malatya Public Prosecutors Office.