‘Some 97 percent of LGS entrants got place of their choice’

‘Some 97 percent of LGS entrants got place of their choice’

‘Some 97 percent of LGS entrants got place of their choice’

Some 97 percent of the students who had applied to a high school have been placed in the school of their choice, Education Minister Mahmut Özer has said after the announcement of the high school entrance exam’s (LGS) final results.

Reminding that 95 percent of the students who made their applications according to the first results announced on July 25, were placed in the school of their choice on July 30, Özer said that this rate increased to 97 percent with the final results announced after the second applications made between Aug. 1 and 5.

“I wish this process to be beneficial to our students and parents,” the minister said.

Reiterating that the main placement process has been completed, the minister added that students who couldn’t be enrolled at any school will be placed through placement and transfer commissions.

During the placement process, the students were able to prefer schools in three groups: schools that enroll students according to LGS score, schools that enroll students with “local placement” and boarding schools.

Besides the students placed in 2,233 high schools across the country based on their LGS score, those who didn’t take the LGS had to make their choice in the other two groups.

The Anatolian high schools, which were established as an alternative to expensive private schools in Türkiye, have a total quota of 65,866, while science high schools are able to provide education for 38,850 students.

Social sciences high schools will train 10,380 students, the quota allocated to state religious Anadolu “imam-hatip” schools is 39,676.

Around 1 million Turkish students in eighth grade broke a sweat at the exams across the country, where any student who successfully completes eight years of primary education can go to high school by taking the LGS test.