Some 150,000 businesses inspected across Turkey

Some 150,000 businesses inspected across Turkey

Some 150,000 businesses inspected across Turkey

Officials inspected 150,000 businesses, mostly eateries, to see if the anti-virus rules were being followed, the Interior Ministry has said.

Nearly 26,000 teams with some 101,000 personnel, including governors, deputy governors and district governors, conducted inspections across the country at venues such as restaurants, cafes, patisseries and tea gardens, the ministry announced in a statement on April 3.

“Administrative actions were taken against 2,500 businesses and individuals for violating the rules and 13 businesses were ordered to close, while nearly 1,100 facilities were issued warnings,” the statement added.

Criminal complaints were also filed for a total of 144 individuals and businesses, the ministry said.

According to the ministry, nearly 1,600 venues were found to violate the rule which requires eateries to operate at 50 percent capacity and some 340 businesses failed to check customers’ HES codes, an application to track COVID-19 contacts.

Authorities have tightened inspections across the country after COVID-19 cases have resurged despite warnings from officials and experts to the public to strictly follow the anti-virus measures, particularly in closed public spaces, such as restaurants and cafes.

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