Soldier given special permission to attend wedding

Soldier given special permission to attend wedding

OSMANİYE - Doğan News Agency
Soldier given special permission to attend wedding

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A gendarmerie sergeant who missed his own wedding ceremony due to a lack of security on the road by his unit’s southeastern border station has been granted special permission to attend the wedding party.

Gendarmerie sergeant Ahmet Karavelioğlu, 25, missed his own wedding ceremony with Fatma Karavelioğlu, 21. After the story of the Karavelioğlu couple made the news, the soldier received special permission to leave his station in southeastern Hakkari province to attend the wedding party in his home town in southern Osmaniye province.

The groom had reportedly received permission from his military unit for his wedding. However, when the wedding day came, he was not allowed to leave, on the grounds that the road was not secure. 

The wedding took place despite the absence of the groom, while the bride and the groom’s parents were seen crying from time to time during the ceremony.

39th Mechanized Infantry Regiment Deputy Commander Col. Şefik Atak also attended the wedding and gave a present on behalf of the Turkish General Staff.

Ahmet Karavelioğlu thanked his commanders who made it possible for him to attend his wedding party.

“For a moment I could not believe it. They told me to ‘go and have your wedding.’ So I came to my wife and family,” said the groom. 

Fatma Karavelioğu said she was pleased to have her husband at the wedding party. “I would not be sorry if he could not come. It was enough for me to know that he is safe. But this was a huge surprise to me,” she said.