Shuttles sevice for museum visitors

Shuttles sevice for museum visitors

Shuttles sevice for museum visitors

The free shuttles are driving old and disabled people for free.

The Culture and Tourism Ministry and the Turkish Travel Agencies Union (TÜRSAB) have started organizing a shuttle service for elderly tourists and people with disabilities to facilitate access to the Istanbul Archaeology Museums in Sultanahmet.

According to a written statement, the project, supported by the Istanbul Development Agency, is part of a cooperation agreement signed by the ministry and TÜRSAB in 2009.

The shuttle project serves on two routes. Electric golf carts drive visitors from Gülhane Park to the entrance of the Istanbul Archaeology Museums, while there are also minibuses departing from the Istanbul Modern Museum.

Both programs transport people for free to the museums. Visitors are also given coats in rainy and sunny weather.

TÜRSAB officials say the minibuses and electrical golf carts, covered with the logos of the Istanbul Archaeology Museums and TÜRSAB, provide convenience, particularly for the old and people with disabilities.

The officials also said the vehicles had drawn great interest and that the number of visitors had increased.