Ship put into service of quake survivors in Iskenderun

Ship put into service of quake survivors in Iskenderun

Mesut Hasan Benli - HATAY
Ship put into service of quake survivors in Iskenderun

A 1,500-bed capacity ship brought to the southern province of Hatay’s Iskenderun district to provide shelter to quake survivors has started to receive its first guests.

The ship called Süheyla Sultan, built by KARADENİZ Holding for survivors’ use in the event of a disaster and has been waiting in the shipyard for almost three years, was recently sent to the İskenderun district to meet the sheltering needs of earthquake survivors with the coordination of the Energy Ministry.

The ship arrived at the dock located in the area called “Fishermen’s Shelter” on March 7.

After the completion of the necessary preparations, Süheyla Sultan received its first quake-affected guests on March 12.

The earthquake survivors were given fresh linens, blankets, and clean towels and were placed in their assigned cabins.

Since the ship named Miray Cruise, which previously hosted earthquake survivors, was going to sail, about a thousand people staying there were also transferred to Süheyla Sultan.

Süheyla Sultan started to receive its new residents under the coordination of the İskenderun Governor’s Office.

The three-story ship has a total of 90 cabins for four to six people, as well as 75 cabins for 12 people. Family members are able to stay together in rooms for four to six people with bathrooms and toilets.

Priority is mainly given to the disabled, pregnant, and elderly earthquake survivors in need of care.

The cabins are heated by air conditioners and each one includes tables and chairs.

In the 12-person cabins men’s floors and women’s and children’s floors are separated.

On these floors, cabins do not include toilets and bathrooms. Three cabins on each floor share six toilets and six bathrooms.

The ship is planned to remain anchored in Iskenderun for a couple of years, depending on the needs that will arise.

While children have fun and forget about the devastating events in the playgrounds, families spend time on the terraces.

With an area of 15,000 square meters, the ship has 10 classrooms, two playgrounds, a kindergarten, a restaurant, a café, and a 60-meter-long football field.

While breakfast will be provided by the ship’s staff, lunch and dinner are planned to be served in the soup kitchen tents to be set up on the dock.

Many institutions and organizations nationwide are trying to provide shelter to people whose houses have been destroyed or heavily damaged during the Feb. 6’s quakes.