‘Shapeless’ creatures at Istanbul exhibition

‘Shapeless’ creatures at Istanbul exhibition

‘Shapeless’ creatures at Istanbul exhibition The Versus Art Project is currently hosting M. Ali Çakır’s first Istanbul solo exhibition, “Shapeless Mass.” 
The exhibition, which consists of works over the past two years, confronts viewers with Çakır’s thoughts, hidden in the folds of the subconscious, emerging to the surface in a quest for freedom. 

In his works, which display figures almost completely enveloped by details, the artist brings together canvases of various dimensions and paper works. 

Çakır defines his style in the exhibition as “expressive.” 

“I may have to find a more complicated definition for my works because they are affected by different streams at different times. I have combined imagination with perception in my works,” he said.

“Details form a cocoon around the subject and wear out its volume in my paintings. The subject has difficulty forming itself. So the forms are rude, incomplete and shapeless in conflict area,” Çakır added, explaining the meaning of ‘Shapeless Mass.” 

The artist said he spent most of his time “observing” and in 2011 went to London to live for two years.

“It was pleasant to watch the rich heritage of the city [London] in a completely foreign environment. The hardware of museums and galleries was fascinating. When I returned to Turkey in 2013, I embraced my inquiries and started to paint with the excitement of my experiences,” he said. 

The artist defines his “heroes” in the process of formation as “incomplete, formless and imperfect.”
“The staging of my hero’s journey can be perceived in the weightlessness field. The process of being ourselves depends on what surrounds [others], and it can sometimes be hurtful to confront,” he said. 

Discussing Turkey’s contemporary art scene, Çakır bemoaned ongoing “pressure” in the field of painting.

“The active art scene is tighter abroad. Over the last 15 years in our country, pressure on the field of painting has led me to despair. Being unique is important; this does not just depend on technique and discipline. It is about being genuine in your works. Hopefully an interest in painting will progress soon in Turkey,” he said.
The exhibition “Shapeless Mass” can be seen through Dec. 10.