Selçuk Demirel’s new illustrations on show

Selçuk Demirel’s new illustrations on show

ISTANBUL – Hürriyet Daily News
Selçuk Demirel’s new illustrations on show

Selçuk Demirel exhibition will open at Galeri Nev on April 4.

Istanbul’s Galeri Nev is getting set to host “Now,” an exhibition of new works by artist Selçuk Demirel between April 4 and May 3.

Demirel, an internationally known illustrator, published his first illustrations during his high school years. While he was studying architecture at Middle Eastern Technical University, he drew for prominent dailies like Cumhuriyet and Politika.

In 1978 Demirel moved to Paris, and his illustrations began to be published in France. He soon became a regular illustrator at Le Monde Diplomatique, Le Monde, Le Nouvel Observateur and many other French dailies and periodicals.

Outside France, Demirel’s illustrations continue to be published in Le Temps (Switzerland), Anna and La Repubblica (Italy), The Observer and The Guardian Weekly (Britain), The Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune, Print, The Boston Globe and The Harvard Business Review (USA).

Since 1980, his drawings have been exhibited at solo shows in Istanbul and Ankara, while book compilations of his illustrations have also been made in Turkey, as well as
many European countries and in Japan.