Saving the planet with a gift for reasonable prices

Saving the planet with a gift for reasonable prices

ISTANBUL - Hürriyet Daily News
Saving the planet with a gift for reasonable prices

As well as e-certificates, printed certificates are prepared with the visuals of endangered animals and sent to donators.

The World Wildlife Fund’s (WWF) Turkey branch is looking to save endangered species with a special adoption campaign that makes the perfect New Year’s gift for animal lovers. Donations of 10, 30, or 75 Turkish Liras go toward the protection of endangered species with donors receiving certificates for their contributions to species such as the jungle cat, the caretta caretta and the grouper.

WWF Turkey organizes campaigns such as this for special holidays, including the New Year, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Valentine’s Day, WWF Turkey General Director Tolga Baştak said speaking to Anatolia news agency. The organization has prepared special gifts for the New Year’s holiday next week.

Among these gifts are panda-shaped USB cables, organic t-shirts, bamboo thermoses, toy pandas, books, notebooks, office sets made from recycled papers, bags and mug sets. The gifts can be bought online at

Baştak said they also maintained the adaptation campaign for the preservation of endangered species. “Some species like the jungle cat flipper, the grouper and caretta caretta, are under the danger of extinction. This is why the WWF is carrying out an adoption campaign for the survival of these species. When you buy a gift from the website, you can both contribute to one of these species and give a different present to your loved ones,” he said.

He said that an e-certificate was prepared for donations of 10 liras and a printed certificate was prepared for 30 lira donations, adding, “If you donate 75 liras you can also get a stuffed toy, a cloth bag with jungle cat picture and panda logo.”