Salda Lake: Turkey’s Maldives

Salda Lake: Turkey’s Maldives

BURDUR – Anadolu Agency
Salda Lake: Turkey’s Maldives Salda Lake in the southern province of Burdur’s Yeşilova district has been reputed as “Turkey’s Maldives” in recent years for its white beach and clear water, becoming a favorite spot for tourists, amid the summer season. 

Offering its visitors a visual feast, Salda Lake is a natural beauty of blue and green. 

The surroundings of the lake provide accommodation opportunities to tourists at camping areas and facilities. Photography, bird observing, swimming and diving are also possible in the lake for visitors. 

The 12-hectare picnic area around the lake was turned into a nature park in 2001 by the Nature Protection and National Parks Regional Directorate. 

Some sections of the nature park will host the National Youth Camps, set to be organized by the Youth and Sports Ministry as of next year. 

Burdur Governor Şerif Yılmaz said Salda Lake rapidly became a tourism center. With the ongoing works, tourists will be able to spend quality time both in the summer and the winter in Salda Lake and the Salda Ski Center. 

“Burdur is known as the region of lakes but Salda carries many different features than the others. It is one of the deepest, clearest and healthiest lakes in the world to swim in. It is one of the five award-winning lakes in Turkey. The region is untouched and it makes it more attractive. When you look at the lake, you can see the ground easily. The whiteness formed by the soil structure in the region is similar to the surface of Mars and it is the only one. Salda Lake is known as Turkey’s Maldives. People have visited the lake especially in recent years. As transportation and infrastructure problems are solved, I believe that more people will come here. People can spend their weekends or summer holidays here. It is a rare place to be with nature,” Yılmaz said. 

He said works have been ongoing in the region and deficiencies are tried to be fulfilled.  

“Necessary arrangements have been made after it was announced to be a natural park. We have facilities where our guests can accommodate or benefit from social activities,” he added.