Rottweiler attacks owner and bystander after surgery

Rottweiler attacks owner and bystander after surgery

Rottweiler attacks owner and bystander after surgery

A dog has attacked its owners as well as bystanders after regaining consciousness in an untimely manner following its surgical operation in Istanbul’s Maltepe district.

The incident took place on May 4, when a woman, Hülya Balkaş, and her daughter got their Rotweiller to undergo a surgical operation at the vet.

The owners received the dog after its operation, while it was still under the effect of anesthesia.

But as they were driving towards their home, the dog regained senses and started to attack its owners while the vehicle was on the move.

Balkaş got injured and was rushed to the hospital.

As both owners left the car in haste and citizens gathered around the dog, it got more aggressive and bit a passerby.

While the mother was rushed to the hospital due to her injuries, citizens started to attack and hit the dog with sticks to halt its belligerence.

After the dog calmed down, officials from the municipality sedated the dog and sent him off to a shelter.

“The dog gets aggressive because the vet gave him to the owners before he regained consciousness. Citizens were really aggressive towards the dog, thus, it got madder. We tied him down to a place and he calmed down,” a local shopkeeper told daily Hürriyet.

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