Rescue continues for man stuck in a cave

Rescue continues for man stuck in a cave

ESKİŞEHİR - Cihan News Agency
Rescue continues for man stuck in a cave

The rescue teams enlarged the route to the cave’s exit.

Rescue teams worked April 16 to reach a man who fell into a well, where he was searching for historical artifacts in a rural part of the Mihalgazi district of the Eskişehir province.

Ramazan Yörük has been stuck in the well for the past three days and is wounded from the fall.
Yörük fell into a well 25-meters-deep inside of a cave near the Mihalgazi district late April 13. His friends called the gendarmerie after they could not reach him. Because the well he fell into was too small to get out of, the rescue teams enlarged the route to the exit using small explosions from black powder. The way out of the cave will be enlarged after the sand and soil from the explosions are cleared. As the rescue operation has taken more than three days, the 40-year-old man’s situation is at risk to become critical because of his wounds. Yörük has some broken bones due to the fall. He is accompanied by the members of the rescue team inside of the cave.

“He had a fever yesterday [April 15] night. We have provided him with the necessary medicine and he is in stable condition right now,” Yusuf Öğrenecek, member of İzmir Cave Research Association said.

“His health is fine now. All of the cavers are working hard to save him, but the area he is stuck in is very small and too narrow for two people to pass through at the moment,” said Öğrenecek.

Eight teams, made up of 40 people, are working to save Yörük, father of three, from the cave. His first request from the rescue team was fruit juice after they made first contact with him hours after he became lost.

Searching for historical artifacts, mostly made of gold, is done by locals in rural areas, but is illegal.