Reported ban on flags at game stirs Fener row

Reported ban on flags at game stirs Fener row

Reported ban on flags at game stirs Fener row

Hürriyet photo

A reported ban on the national flags of Turkey and Turkish Cyprus during the Oct. 25 Europa League clash between AEL Limassol and the Yellow Canaries in Greek Cyprus has created a row within the Istanbul football giant, Fenerbahçe. While reports claimed yesterday that the club had forced its fans to sign a waiver agreeing to not unfurl Turkish or Turkish Cypriot flags for fear of provoking an incident, Fenerbahçe denied it and said fans and the team were obliged to obey UEFA fair-play rules.

The move for the match was reportedly carried out in order to avoid possible unwanted incidents that could result in a subsequent match between the two clubs in Istanbul being played behind closed doors.

The game, which will be played Oct. 25, has been placed in the risky matches category, said a statement released by Fenerbahçe on its website. 

AEL Limassol, meanwhile, is not banning its supporters from bringing Greek or Greek Cypriot flags into the match.

Some 300 police officers will reportedly be deployed at the stadium during the match as part of security measures.