Puppies found freezing taken under protection

Puppies found freezing taken under protection

Puppies found freezing taken under protection

More than 60 puppies found freezing in the cold in the eastern province of Erzurum have been taken under protection by local authorities.

Evaluating a notification received by the municipality’s call center, animal rescue teams were conveyed to a highway that provides the connection between Erzurum and the province’s Çat district.

The teams encountered 63 puppies on the roadside that were about to freeze to death.

Taking the puppies shivering from the cold under treatment at a municipal shelter, the teams also provided food for them as they were believed to have been hungry for a long time.

“The treatment and care of the dogs continue. I would like to thank the animal rescue teams, the veterinarians and my colleagues for their close attention and devotion,” Erzurum Mayor Mehmet Sekmen said.

The dogs are thought to have been left by the roadside by unknown persons amid a massive snowstorm in Erzurum where temperatures dropped to minus 20 Celsius degrees.

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