Provocateurs use guns, two policemen injured: Istanbul governor

Provocateurs use guns, two policemen injured: Istanbul governor

Provocateurs use guns, two policemen injured: Istanbul governor

Istanbul Governor Hüseyin Avni Mutlu expressed 'satisfaction' with today's intervention in Gezi Park. AA photo

Some provocateurs among protesters are using guns, Istanbul Governor Hüseyin Avni Mutlu said via tweeter at 1.45 a.m. today.

"Provocateurs have started using guns now. Two security force members have been injured," he said in his official twitter account, adding that they were in good condition. "I think it is important to inform our public," he wrote.

A few hours earlier, Mutlu had told reporters today that it was satisfactory that the attack on Gezi Park "lasted for a short time and did not cause any problems", adding that the street clashes in the city would ease in a few hours. “This is not even an intervention, it’s an evacuation,” Mutlu told reporters. However, violent clashes were continuing around the Taksim Square. 

None of the 29 injured people were in a critical condition, Mutlu said, denying earlier reports which said that the number was much higher. One person underwent eye surgery, but faced no risks of losing the eye, he said. 

Mutlu also said that the police warned the crowd before the raid on Gezi Park, claiming that many people there obeyed the call. “Only small marginal groups remained in the park before the operation” he added. 

The decision to evacuate the park was taken after the protesters announced this morning that they would continue their demonstration. 

Call to avoid the Sunday demo

Mutlu also said that everyone should respect the law, referring to a court decision that halted the plans to build a facility in the park, which had triggered public anger. 

"Youth should not let some marginal groups abuse their demands in their future democratic demands," he added.  

Mutlu also said that the protesters’ call for a mass demo on Sunday was not adequate. He requested citizens to avoid the protest in Taksim tomorrow, implying that it was not considered lawful.

Police had intervened in Taksim Square earlier today, entering Gezi Park for the first time after two weeks. Later, the whole square remained cordoned off by the police and clashes were reported all around the Gezi Park.