Prominent Turkish singer Müzeyyen Senar laid to rest

Prominent Turkish singer Müzeyyen Senar laid to rest

Prominent Turkish singer Müzeyyen Senar laid to rest


A funeral service was held in Istanbul on Feb. 10 for Turkish classical singer Müzeyyen Senar who died at the age of 96 after contracting pneumonia.

Senar’s family members, friends and numerous celebrities attended the funeral at Istanbul’s Bebek Mosque following a noon prayer to bid farewell to the prominent singer. Senar was burried at Zincirlikuyu Cemetery.

Feraye Işıl, the daughter of Senar, said her mother left beautiful memories behind.
“She is not dead for me. We will miss her,” she said.

“Nobody like Müzeyyen Senar will come to this world again,” said famous pop singer Tarkan, who had previously performed a duet with Senar.

Culture Minister Ömer Çelik has released a statement to convey his condolences.

“We are deeply sorry for the loss of Senar, who left a mark in our hearts with her artisan identity and beautiful works she brought to life,” he said, adding that she would always be remembered with love and gratitude, along with her works.

Senar died in the Aegean province of İzmir on Feb. 8 after staying in the hospital for six days. She suffered severe health problems after a stroke in 2006.

She was born July 16, 1918, in the province of Bursa during Ottoman rule. She began her musical career in 1931 at the Anadolu Musiki Cemiyeti, or the Anatolia Musical Association, in Üsküdar, Istanbul.
Senar made her stage debut in 1933 and retired from singing in 1983. It is said her voice was admired by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of Turkish Republic, who even attended her concerts.

In 2013, Senar received Turkey’s Culture and Arts Grand Award, which is presented annually by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.