President Gül wraps up Turkmenistan

President Gül wraps up Turkmenistan

ASHGABAT - Doğan News Agency
President Gül wraps up Turkmenistan

President Gül (L) poses with Arkadaş along with Berdimuhamedov in Ashgabat. DHA photo

President Abdullah Gül wrapped up his visit to Turkmenistan on May 31 after receiving a horse as a gift.

Gül visited Akhal-Teke horse farm on the southeastern edge of Ashgabat on the last day of his visit to the country and met with Turkish entrepreneurs working in Turkmenistan. Abdullah Gül and President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov watched the riding show organized in honor of the Turkish president. After the show, the Turkmen president presented a horse named “Arkadaş” (Friend) to his Turkish counterpart.

Berdimuhamedov asked Gül to test the horse. Gül agreed and began to ride the horse. After the test ride, they the two presidents took photos with the horse. Berdimuhamedov said the horse was a calm and a mild one. “My friend rode on Friend. My friend gave me a precious gift,” Gül said, adding that the horse, of a golden color, was a royal animal and was the most precious gift.

Ahal Teke, a Turkmen horse, is considered to be the first horse type tamed 3,000 years ago. Gül was also given the Turkmenistan state medal on May 30. “Cooperation between Turkey and Turkmenistan, two brother countries, is embodied in all parts of life, and serves the mutual interest of our people,” Gül stressed.

Berdimuhamedov hailed relations between the two countries, saying that President Gül was a “globally-known” politician who had contributed a lot to Turkey-Turkmenistan relations.