President Erdoğan invites foreign investors to Turkey

President Erdoğan invites foreign investors to Turkey

President Erdoğan invites foreign investors to Turkey

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan made a call on foreign investors to make new investments in Turkey, saying Turkey was entering a new period in the economy and judiciary and that parliament will prioritize new judiciary reform packages next year.

“Positive movement started in the [financial] markets. I call on local and international investors to trust our country and to make new investments,” Erdoğan said on Nov.13 speaking at the provincial party congress.

On Wednesday, Erdoğan pledged a new economic growth strategy in the wake of surprise upheaval among economic policymakers, with the Turkish lira gained value since then.

“We are starting the reform period, taking into account the period our country has gone through in the economy,” the president stated.

“In close dialogue with the ministries, institutions as well as the relevant sectors, we are launching a new reform era in the economy and law,” he said.

“We are starting a new mobilization. I underline that we aim to develop our country in the period when the world is going through the process of change. Our priority would be to reduce inflation to single digits, Erdoğan said, and added that increasing employment, thereby removing the concerns of the citizens is also one of their main priorities.

The judicial reform strategy document, which the government announced last year, contains important regulations, he said and added that they especially implemented a significant part of the administrative regulations.

“Our packages regarding the new reform regulations continue. We will strive to give priority to the parliament after the budget discussions. We give priority to the Human Rights Action Plan,” he stated.

There is a Turkey with an “honorable” stance in foreign policy in the region and in the world, hence the country has leverage in foreign affairs, he said expressing his wish that the AKP “will continue to be the hope of our country with greater success in the coming period”.

“Do not be assumed that the credit our nation gives us is endless,” he said calling on the party members to make their best to meet the demands of the citizens.

“The day we see the miracle in ourselves, turn away from the nation and go after our own calculations, the mission of this party will be over. We are through such a period that the destiny of the AK Party and the destiny of the country are almost integrated,” Erdoğan stated.

If the AKP “loses” Turkey will be “dragged into the pit of uncertainty, instability”, if Turkey “loses, then the AK Party will be demolished,” he said.

The global order has faced much bigger shocks with the pandemic, and Turkey’s economy was targeted by some circles, he noted.

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