Pregnancy to last 5 months, research shows

Pregnancy to last 5 months, research shows

BERN - Anatolia News Agency
Pregnancy to last 5 months, research shows

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A Swiss research organization has reported that its scientists have achieved accelerated pregnancy in labarotary mice and that the process could possibly be implemented to humans, Anatolia news agency reported today. 

A statement by Hiaseng University said a specific gene that controlled cell production in mice was accelerated, effectively reducing pregnancy time from three weeks to 10 days.

An article published in the medical periodical "Schwangerer Mann," quoted molecular biology expert Professor April First as saying, "We have successfully reduced pregnancy time in sheep and pigs as well by altering the working mechanism of the XW12Z gene."

 First reportedly said he became intrigued by the idea of shortening pregnancy time in humans after witnessing the difficulties his wife had endured during her pregnancy.

 *This article was published by the Anatolia news agency as an April Fools’ Day joke.